Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 P.O.F's in one post!

P.O.F #1 is an obvious "1950's hostess" theme. (I was going to say housewife- but hostess is much more glamorous!) I have teamed a floral circle skirt with a vintage petticoat (to give it the flouncy shape), a plain black cap sleeved shirt, thick red belt tied at the back and a string of pearls. A pair of peep toed patent wedge heels finish it off quite nicely I think.

All day I wondered if I was born in the wrong era. I think this a lot actually. I love the ideaBulleted List of getting this kind of dressed up every day. The effort that women in the 50's would put into their appearance is nothing short of incredible. Their hair would be pristine and perfectly styled and would not move an inch over the course of a day. They would always be wearing an impressive array of full undergarments (with hosiery and the full petticoats) Then I usually get caught up in fantasies somewhere between being the perfect housewife hostess cooking up amazing meals- and lavish cocktail parties with big bands and dancing. I may have been born in the wrong era- but it is nice to have the choice of ALL the era's from where I am sitting....

Sadly this week I had a funeral to attend. In Upper Hutt no less. I opted for one of my favourite LBD's with a beautiful pin tuck and round button detailing right down the front. I wore this with my killer gangster wingtip heels, pearls, and a Mexican skull embroidered Illicit cardigan. (Pictured outside the Upper Hutt Cossie club- the venue of the wake. )

After 3 consecutive days of heels- today I went for a P.O.F that included flat high top Chuck Taylors. (it isn't very often that comfort is intentionally factored into my outfit choices!) I did feel like I hadn't really stretched myself today- but walking around Wellington for a few hours made me glad I had chosen this outfit based on the shoes. My chucks are olive green so I have teamed them with olive green leg warmers and a light corduroy cap sleeved shirt. To lift the overall effect I added my favourite red hair flower (A dahlia in case you were wondering) and this picked up my red lipstick perfectly.

To compensate for feeling like I had dressed terribly boring today- I cheered myself up by buying a dress from Spacesuit on Cuba St that is fantastic. I am still gutted that there is no more Spacesuit on K RD. I think they should rethink the closing of this store. I used to stop in a couple of times a week to check out their quirky slightly oriental fashions. There were a few more dresses I thought about buying today- but a little restraint can go a long way. (And I'm back in Wellington the week after next anyways!) I also bought a pair of piano key socks and a great pair of hair clips from a punk/ rockabilly store. They have the Winter Coat I should have bought this year- but alas I found it as we're moving into Summer. Lets hope I find another one I like so much when its cold enough to justify it.

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Blogger Hannah JV said...

Woah that first skirt is stunning! I've never seen it before. I'm all wide-eyed and blinky - like like like!

December 1, 2009 at 9:33 AM  

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