Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Classic Red and Black VS Purple Plaid Geek

I am kind of over compensating in this entry. I never got a picture of Mondays outfit so I have recreated it.

So Mondays outfit was I thought- a little boring. I don't really felt like I extended myself too much with it. Thankfully a friend at work told me I looked "Classic" which made me feel much better about the whole ensemble. Red and black are quite "safe" colours to put together. I find myself doing it quite a lot lately in fact. Black pencil skirt and black cap sleeve top with red belt and flower. I pretty much worked the whole thing around having a reason to wear the shoes though. I think if you're going to wear statement shoes you need to be careful not to have too much going on in the rest of the outfit. (Yes- I do have a line I don't cross...) These statements came from my favourite shoe store- Trademe- and were under $20.00. Zebra striped peep toed with red bows... how can you go wrong!

The outfit was teamed with a puma embroidered cardi that I actually bought from a friend of mine. Through Trademe. And I didn't know it was someone I knew till they sent me the sellers contact details. That has now happened to me 3 times with 3 different people. True story.

Now we are all caught up on the beginning of the week- today's outfit was purple plaid geek chic. The dress was from a fantastic store in Melbourne that I also bought a vinyl Piano key tote bag from. AWESOME. The least awesome part of reminiscing about this store is that I left my favourite pair of sunglasses in the changing room and was many hours away by the time I realised. Boo.

The shoes were coincidentally bought the same day. I actually bought them first- and then found the dress about an hour later. (I wasn't even trying to match them. I had other purple things in mind to co-ordinate the shoes with at the point of purchase...) I really like the frilled detailing and purple soles. They are also very comfortable to wear.

Topping this all off is my favourite horn rimmed glasses (to hide this mornings bags under my eyes) and a handmade ghost badge bought form the "Camp A Low Hum" music festival in Levin a few years back. One of the bands were selling them there with their merch. I don't recall the band at all- but their handcrafts were quite impressive.

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