Thursday, November 26, 2009

Green Thursday

For the 3rd morning in a row- I woke up late today. Not like "Oh my god I was meant to start work 10 minutes ago" kinda late. But definitely the kind of late where you have to forfeit breakfast and any real quality wardroom bonding time. I am pretty good at getting ready in a hurry if need be- but I never really recover from that stressful start to the day.

Today's ensemble is a green toned circle patterned strapless dress matched with a pale green cardi with diamante buttons, gold belt and shoes, and green crocodile handbag. Dress was bought off the sale rack in Supre of all places a few years back- and has actually stayed pretty versatile. As cliche as it sounds it is a classic example of being able to dress it up or down. I could take this little number to the beach and then a cocktail party without a problem.

I may have been in a hurry this morning- but I still managed to match my buttons to my earrings.

Also managed to tie together the belt ($2 shop) the shoes (Op shop) and the clasp on my bag.

Speaking of the bag- this was also an op shop find. A particularly good one I must say. Vintage crocodile for $3!! AND its a really good size to fit a reasonable amount of handbag goodies in it too...

As today is Thursday it is a derby training day. We have a big game this weekend (The finals of our 2009 season- Circus of the Scars) and I was feeling extra loyal to my team tonight. I decided to go for my team colours in a Mascara Massacre themed training ensemble! Derby training is a fantastic outlet for fashion. You can wear pretty much anything you want to training- and nobody will bat an eyelid. Depending on how creative I'm feeling this can be realised in some pretty bizarre clothing combinations. This is me pulling my hard b*tch scary derby face. Terrifying I know.

Tonight's training outfit features a singlet that I am convinced I was meant to own. I found it in the Salvation Army store in Wellington. It was cool enough that it's in my team colours- but it has my skate number on it too! Woah. Coincidence? No. Fate.

I have teamed it with some 70's denim hot pants, purple fishnets, green sports socks and purple roller skate hair ties. The scary part- is that I could have kept going on the green and purple theme. For AGES. I even briefly contemplated wearing one purple sneaker and one green one. You know if I owned a long purple pair of socks- I would have probably done it so the sneaker and sock on each leg could still contrast. Sometimes I wonder if I might spend a little bit too much time thinking about this kinda thing....

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