Friday, November 13, 2009

Let the Sunshine In

Yesterday was such a stunner I was expecting today to be a much more appropriate bright sundress kindofa day. No matter. I will bring the sunshine to this slightly overcast Friday myself!

Today's P.O.F (point of fashion for the uninitiated) was based on a "70's Luau meets RainbowBrite". Slightly obscure perhaps- but a good excuse to wear such a great summer dress and also to match my hair flower with my yellow shoes that are not getting anywhere NEAR enough feet time at the moment. (p.s. I love casual Friday's. So much fun to really push them in a corporate environment!)
The dress was purchased in Melbourne in the most incredible vintage clothing store I think I have ever visited. The first part of the store is kinda small and boutiquey but once you turn the corner it opens up into a 2 tiered warehouse size extravaganza! Other than the sheer size of this store- the most impressive part to me was how well everything was catalogued on the racks. Being someone who has OCD tendencies for how my wardroom is catalogued this really hit home with me. The sections got down to such detail as the "Knitted with sequins" section or the "1940's ball dress" section. The dress pictured was in the "Tropical 70's" section and was surrounded by other similar styles and fabrics with a Hawaiian twist. For the first time in my life I had to leave a vintage clothing store due to a case of sensory overload. There was just too much to look at and it was all so brightly coloured and patterned! As amazing as that store was I would never recommend anyone try shopping there on a hangover... I could not leave without a purchase of course- so left wit this dress, a yellow cardi and a spontaneous counter purchase of a ribbon hairclip.

Toady's shoes are bought to you by the colour yellow and Trademe. They were an absolute bargain at $9 including postage. I especially love how they tie in a sneaker with a wedge style. Its nice to have a pair of shoes with a definitive flexibility to take them from casual t-shirt and denim skirt to something a bit dressier for a summer evening. I have a creeping obsession with the colour yellow at the moment. It will never take over my love of anything green- but I have a greater appreciation for it as a very wearable colour option right now.

Although it didn't make it into today's outfit - I am too excited about my latest pair of sunglasses to not give them a mention here too. I have an extensive array of eye wear that will also go with any theme or occasion. I am unsure of the exact number of glasses that is deemed as "too many" but I'm sure with 38 pairs I'm knocking on that door! My newest ones are nothing short of incredible not only for their function, their novelty but also the price. At first glance they are pretty cutesy enough with an obvious kitty undertone- but wait. there's more!

With a simple fold they turn into an actual kitty cat shaped face that you can then hang off the front of your outfit to create a further statement. Why settle for wearing sunglasses on top of your head when you can do this! As I mentioned- the price is a factor in just how awesome these are. With a price tag of $4 they have quite literally blown my mind this week.

(A special mention goes to my amazing roller derby compadre -Lucy in Disguise- for her owning a yellow tiger pair of these first and not minding at all that I bought a similar pair when I saw them in a store the following week)
Lets hope tomorrow is full of actual sunshine to make the most of other bright summer dresses and a new pair of glasses...

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