Sunday, November 15, 2009

That's how I roll

On Saturday night Pirate City Rollers had their second game in the league's season- and I had a new pair of derby knickers to debut. My full derby name is "Spar Kill" but I get called "Sparky" a lot. I actually wanted something a little bit wittier written across my arse- but sadly there wasn't enough room (This will undoubtedly be the only time in my life when I am rueing not having more junk in the trunk I'm sure!) My team uniform (Mascara Massacre) is a purple lycra flip skirt that I usually wear with a white ruffled mini petticoat. The shirt is a kelly green singlet with our logo and my name and number on the back. There isn't a great deal of variance with my uniform wearing - although this week I opted for fluro green lace top stockings and a purple suspender belt to tie it all together.

I was lucky enough to have time to go home and get changed before the after party- so decided to wear this fantastic dress for the first time. A simple design of black satin strapless but with the added twist of a hot pink ruffled asymmetric feature on the front. (This was an aboslute steal at $9.00 from New Lynn Savemart) I teamed this with a plain black cardi and then added a hot pink sparkly brooch. (sadly I managed to lose this somewhere between the bars I visited over the course of the evening) Overall I think the maiden voyage of this dress went well and I did feel very glamorous.

On the other side of my hangover - I did have a derby meeting this evening that necessitated I leave the house. I went for comfort and warmth with a plaid flannel dress, black tights, red legwarmers and black high top Chuck Taylors. I matched this with a red knitted beret, "Faster Pussy Cat" black cardi with red and white panther detailing and my favourite horn rimmed glasses. P.O.F- Geek Chic.

I often wear glasses when I'm not feeling too flash from the night before or just have not had enough sleep. Although I don't actually need glasses- they do a fantastic job of masking the bags under my eyes. Some days you just need to look a little smarter. Psychologically it does wonders. I am accumulating a collection of such glasses just fro these occasions. I went through a phase where I really wished my eye sight was bad enough to warrant a reason to have a great pair of "I look so smart in these" glasses. I was a very happy girl the day I realised that I didn't have to wait- and could feasibly wear them for aesthetic if not required to actually see. It is nice to have the choice.

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