Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday in the City

Today's outfit is a great little Summer frock I picked up from the K Rd markets a few months back for $11.00.I had to track down a decent petticoat to wear underneath as on its own it leaves nothing to the imagination!

I am torn between my favourite feature on this dress. Something about a rose motif gets me every time- although the black and white cross over and strap details is a nice touch too.
I have teamed it with a skinny red belt, kermit green short sleeved cardi and peep toed wedges. (Which I find myself wearing an awful lot this week!)

Today I started my long journey to finding a decent but cheap pair of white cowboy boots in my size. At one stage they were quite literally everywhere. Number 1 Shoe Warehouse had them in almost every colour- and you pick yourself up a pair with no real hassle. Unfortunately I didn't need a pair to go with an outfit back then and didn't have the foresight to purchase a pair when they were in abundance. White cowboy boots are an integral part of my outfit for my work Christmas party. (Rodeo is our theme this year which is quite frankly much less racist than last years "A Night In The Orient" ) I have the dress on standby ready to go- now if I can just find the right footwear......

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