Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shoes make me happy

I don't care if it's a ridiculously girlie thing to say. They do. That's why I need so many of them! A good pair of shoes can cheer you up on the crappest of days just buy looking down at your feet. (This has been known to induce sighs of happiness and the occasional giggle...)

Its a pretty safe bet that I own the right coloured footwear to go with any possible outfit. If you're gonna get picky about colour co-ordination the feet seem like a good place to start! This does however mean that the current wardroom layout also includes footwear stacked behind racks of clothes. 4 pairs deep in some places. The space issue will need to be addressed at some point- but until then I like to be able to see them. As many pairs at once as possible.

Choosing my favourite pair of shoes is never going to be easy. The current pair du'jour would be an UH-MAZING pair purchased on a recent trip to Melbourne. Patent black and white, gangster wingtip, art deco sex on heels. This may sound like an awful lot going on in one pair of shoes. Trust me- it works. You cannot wear these babies without feeling like something of a goddess.

Although there is also the 5" red sparkly mary-jane styled heels that drag queens are constantly stopping me in the street to oggle. They do actually make you want to click your heels together while repeating "There is no place like home".

And I can't be talking footwear without mentioning my bargain "harajuku-sock boots with 6" wooden platform sole in muted tones of olive and brown". They cost me $30 on trademe and are easily the noisiest things I have attempted to walk down my (wooden) stairs in. My poor housemates. I would be lying if I didn't say I loved being that tall though!

I think tomorrows outfit will be chosen from the ground up. I'm thinking it could be a rainbow feet kindofa Thursday....


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Blogger heidikins said...

Yes! Yes! and Yes!

I'm so with you on the shoes (clicked over from Shoe Per Diem/Stacey's recommendation...loving your style!)


July 29, 2010 at 3:52 PM  

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