Thursday, November 12, 2009

Short Girl Blues

Today I went for Blue and Sparkly. The dress was bought in Melbourne from Houndog. My inner magpie comes out with anything shiny or sparkling so it was a great find! The boots were from an Onehunga op shop and only cost me $4. Bargain I tell ya. (they are a much better blue than is showing up in this photo)

To go with the P.O.F I have matched the outfit with blue sparkly hair clips and ring. (both from random $2 shops somewhere in Auckland)

Not shown in the pic is my black Illicit cardi with Blue Swallow decals.

Wearing flat shoes is always a little weird for me. It messes with my entire centre of gravity. I am too used to being between 4 and 6"s taller than I actually am with my preferred shoe style or being on roller skates. (These are on my feet more than any pair of shoes I own!) It takes a while to re-acclimatise myself to shifting heights. Especially standing next to particularly tall people (extra neck cricks anyone?) and the buttons being higher than my eye level in the lifts at work.

I may be short- but I think I'm finally ok with it....

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