Friday, November 20, 2009


Today is a Sailor Jerry / Pin up P.O.F. (this is the dress I bought yesterday in Spacesuit in Wellington) The fabric is old school tattoo's and I love the colours that are represented right throughout. The style is comfortable and flattering (I think!) with a V neck line, capped sleeves and a ruffle along the hem line. I have matched the dress with patent peep toe wedges, red dahlia, red lippy and red handbag. Still quite pleased with this purchase from yesterday. A very reasonable $60.00. I love that this can be dressed up or down relatively easily. Good to have versatile pieces handy!

Looking forward to heading back to Wellington with the derby girls in another fortnight. Will make the most of another trip into Spacesuit as well as the punk/ rockabilly store. (Still cant remember the name of that place!) They had more pairs of amazing tights and fishnets than I have ever seen in one place. EVER. There was too much to look at to commit to one pair- so I ended up buying none of them They also had an incredible pair of skeleton hand hair clips. They were a fairly steep $39.95 a pair but the more I think about them the more I think perhaps they are worth the splurge...

The other 2 items I have been pondering from that store is an amazing Halloween looking cat handbag and a set of glow in the dark zombie toys. I obviously dont NEED either item- but need is such a harsh word when it comes to shopping. I have a fortnight to continue to ponder before I go back for souvenirs of "Skate Highway 1"!

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