Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yellow ...Is it me you're looking for?

My Saturday started out at the 2009 Grey Lynn Festival. I opted for a sunshiney white with orange and yellow polka dots dress teamed with a red cardi and belt. I was wearing yellow and orange hair clips- but you can't really see them in this picture. (Also-my belt isn't sitting quite right but you get the idea.)

The festival was awesome. They always have the best markets there and 2009 edition was no exception. I managed to pick up an amazing vintage hat, a new red cardi and my lovely brother bought me a felt stuffed deer head mounted on a plaque. It's tres cool. Ate some delicious food, saw some cool music. Had to leave quite early but managed to fit in everything a Grey Lynn Festival offers. I had to leave early as it was a derby game day- and those always have pretty busy afternoons.

The game itself was a really close one- and both teams had some incredible moments there. Final score was 133-115. Not to my team unfortunately- but everyone was in the mood for celebrating post bout.

My Saturday evening dress was also with a yellow theme. Black with yellow roses. Accessorised with a yellow flower. This dress was bought from an incredible store in Fitzroy- Melbourne. (We think the store was called "Lost and found") This store was the best example of chaos I have ever seen. The whole thing was the size of a warehouse with split levels all over the place. Unlike other 2nd hand/ curious type shops I have been into- this one had absolutely no rhyme or reason to where everything was. There was no clothing section. No furniture section. No record section. Everything was just kinda mushed together. It made for an interesting experience trawling through it. While it didn't appeal to my OCD tendencies- I did really like the surprise element of looking through everything and not knowing what you were going to find. We were there for about 45 minutes I guess- and I bought this dress as well as an awesome retro Casio Keyboard. Still in the box even!

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Blogger Plum Kitchen said...

Hi Fliss, love the blog,very sparky:) Looking forward to this weeks delish outfits, I just love a great dress!

November 30, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

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