Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flissmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was another stunner of a day in Auckland. Last day at work for a few days and thinking about lots of fresh seafood with lashings of wine for Christmas lunch!
I thought I would start the festive party frocks a little early this year. Why wait for Christmas day?
This beautiful halter neck was rescued from the Recycle Boutique last December. I bought it to wear to the 2008 Roller Derby awards and it sure bought me some great luck that night! (I took home 3 prizes)

This dress had been marked down on the vintage rack. (the deal is that if a garment isn't purchased within a set time frame- it gets marked down 50% until they practically give it away!) To this day I am still stunned that nobody else had found it before me. I took it home for a ridiculous $11.00.
The flipside of that story is that the lady I bought it from instore forgot to take the security tag off it. Somehow I managed to get it home without realising. When I took it out to show someone the afternoon of the awards- I saw the tag right in the front of the hem. Just a little conspicuous...

I called the recycled boutique who were quite apologetic- and they told me to take the dress in to get it removed. Unfortunately I finished work the same time their store closed. I had to go to another store on K Rd and beg them to remove it for me. Obviously they thought I was dodgy and had stolen it- which was a little embarrassing. After a conversation that included me offering to call the recycled boutique so I could get them to explain the situation they finally agreed to help me out. I think it was more to get me out of the store than anything else..
This was a well worn party frock for the Summer of 2008. As it is quite 50's it will be getting lots more wear in the Summers to come I think.
I LOVE the colour. Such a vibrant turquoise. I also love the floral pattern which is vaguely orchid like.I think it may even have been hand painted.

I have teamed it with white sandals, green belt and white hair flower. I have a crinoline petticoat on underneath it today too. Although this is the first time I have tried this out- I think it's working. (my brother did however liken me to an upside down teacup....)

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