Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Flissmass....

I'm going to pretend I remembered today was the 1st of December when I got dressed this morning - because everyone I saw today assumed I had dressed in Christmas colours intentionally. It is the kind of thing I would probably do after all.

For people who know me- I have always been a particularly festive person. I like the decorations, the music, the fairy lights, the food, the catching up with lots of people just because its that time of year... whats not to get into?

So as I was saying- I didn't remember any of that this morning when I was getting ready. Today's dress was proudly rescued from possibly the last actual seedy op shop in Ponsonby. (although I think its been cleaned up a bit now) It's round the back of Sponge Bar down a long driveway- and always has some really cool retro television sets there that never seem to be for sale.

At the time I bought this dress- there weren't even really any racks for the clothes. Everything was just out in massive bins in the middle of the store so that you needed to really rummage to find your treasures. It may not have been the smoothest of processes but you sure did feel like you deserved that bargain when you finally pulled it out. This treasure/ bargain was a steal at $1.50.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a good shade of bright green. Even better when you look up close and see the fine diamond pattern in turquoise on the fabric.

As I seem to be doing a lot at the moment- I have contrasted with red. Belt, bag, lips and my Dorothy shoes. Seems to work I think.

Now that I know it's December and officially the Festive Season- I promise I won't dress in red and green every day. But I'm not going to promise to not sneak in a little of the music....

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