Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jebus's Birthday And The Day After

Christmas day has now been and gone for another year. For me it meant time with family and WAAAAY too much amazing food! (crayfish, prawns and chocolate mostly)

I have been saving this dress for Christmas this year. It seemed to be kind of festive in its colours- and was a nice light wrap around to wear on a very hot day.

It is a 1970's patchwork number and the fabric reminds me of origami paper. Lots of colours involved but mainly pinks and red's with a touch of gold and green.

Technically I was wearing it backwards. I think it looks better this way- but it did mean that I was called Kris Kross all day by my lovely brother. I don't think it looks like I'm wearing it the wrong way- but it does have pockets facing the wrong direction that give it away a little...

Boxing day is another beautiful sunny day. I think maybe we might have hit actual Auckland Summer now. (I really shouldn't jinx it by suggesting such things. If it starts raining tomorrow it isn't my fault.. ok?)

I am cheating slightly again. We are off to a bbq over on the sunny North Shore today- and I am wearing a frock that has already been featured. So as not to short change anyone reading this I have pulled out one that has not been featured yet to balance it all out.

This dress is pretty bright. Even for me. Bright red 70's long halter with a geometric blue, green, white and yellow pattern. It screams awesome. To me at least.

This dress was picked up from a vintage clothing store in St Kevins Arcade that sadly is no longer there. I had made friends with the lady that ran the shop in my frequent stops there on my way home from work on Friday afternoons. We were almost at the stage where I was ready to bring in a bottle of wine for us to work our way through while I played dress ups and marvelled at the beautiful frocks she had to behold. I was pretty sad when she moved on...

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Blogger vacantmuse said...

oh my gosh. i just found your blog, and think i am in love. awesome fashion? check. funny? check. derby? double check! you're inspiring me to wear more colour!
just thought i'd let you know... you have a fan!

December 28, 2009 at 11:23 PM  

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