Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paisley Power

Seems like there is a 70's paisley theme to my week. It wasn't intentional but I could possibly keep rolling with it!
Today's frock is a green and blue paisley number. Purchased from the New Lynn Red Cross about 5 years ago. Turquoise and kermit green are 2 of my favourite colours- and you don't often find them together in the same fabric.

I really like the cap sleeves on this dress. It's a nice point of difference I think.

I have worn it today with some moss green suede slouching pixie boots. (They even jingle slightly when I walk- as the buttons on the tops are a little loose) I found them on trademe. I surprised a few people with them as they were the flattest footwear I had purchased in a LONG time.

It's still kindofa slow transition into being accurately represented as a midget on a more regular basis.

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