Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Straight Off The Rack...

I'm going to be honest-today's outfit didn't have a lot of thought in it. I woke up late (again) and didn't have the luxury of a quick trial and error before I left the house. Technically there wasn't anything specifically wrong with what I chose- it just felt kinda... meh.

I do really like the cut of the dress. Wrap around with a slight puffed cap sleeve in a paisley pattern is all good. This dress is from Principals originally but I bought it from the good old Rainbow Op Shop on K Rd. (Given that I walk past it like 4 times a day it's no wonder I own so many things from there!) While I do like the dress- I think part of the appeal was that it was a dollar. That's right. A whole dollar. I am fairly sure I would not have given it a second look had I seen it in Principals in it's first life span.

Occasionally I can get a little side tracked about how much I like something just based on the price. Sometimes I can confuse really liking something with the plain fact that it seems like a fantastic bargain.

In saying that- I'm back to my I don't NOT like this dress- but I have felt kind of boring and mass produced all day. I have attempted to lift the overall vibe by pairing it with my silver "space cowboy" boots.

I now feel extra obligation to put a bit more effort into tomorrows ensemble!

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