Sunday, January 31, 2010

80's Turquoise Prom Dress

There is something awesome about an original 80's prom dress. The shiny fabric. The un-necessary ruffles. They come in slightly ahead of the original 80s bridesmaid dresses I think...

The colour of this particular dress is quite common for it's time frame. I have seen quite a few other amazing 80's prom dresses in all but the exact same colour. I have come to the realisation (all by myself I might add) that even I cannot justify having more than 1- ok maybe 2- 80s prom dresses in shiny turquoise.

This dress has everything I love about the style and the era in one great frock. It was a savemart special from the last few years- and has served me well at more than one dress up party now. Last worn at a Nerd Prom Party thrown at my old house a few years back.

It is quite simple in it's design overall- but has a few features that really give it a point of difference. Strapless and slightly ruffled on the bodice has always made me think of old school elaborate theatre curtains. You know the ones.

I also really like that the lower half of the dress has a flower petal quality. The inner layer is a straight down pencil shape that has an outer layer that almost creates a train on the back. It is a fantastic design that I would love to replicate into another outfit someday.

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