Monday, January 25, 2010

Accidentally on Purpose

I know that I possibly purchase dresses slightly more often than your average girl- but I can say that most of them are usually bought on purpose. This frock however was a complete accident! Let me explain...

I recently purchased a cute little singlet dress off trademe to wear to derby training. The trader I purchased the item off kindly offered to drop it off to me as she was going to be leaving the country a few days later. (I did think was particularly cool of her.. it meant that I would receive the dress much quicker AND save the money on postage!) I got a text from her early on Saturday afternoon to say she was on her way. I excused myself briefly from the derby game plan meeting I was in- explaining that I was just popping downstairs and would be back in a sec. When she arrived it turned out that she had bought the wrong item with her! Luckily she didn't live far away- and suggested that I get in the car with her and we could go and swap the item. So far so good.

We got to chatting in the car on our trek to Grey Lynn and she told me she was not only leaving the country the following day but trying to move house. She was having a bit of a clear out and told me that she had some more clothing she had not yet listed on trademe if I was interested. Like a red rag to a bull really. But hey- I was doing her a favour... right?

She did indeed have a few things I was interested in- hence this accidental dress purchase! It was an absolute bargain at $10.00 and is already a new and solid favourite in the wardroom for its sheer versatility. Today i have teamed it with a crinoline petticoat, cream maryjane's and a string of pearls. It could just as easily be worn without the petticoat and a pair of jandals to dress it down too.

The colour is unusual in that its not really pink but not really orange either. Sort of a tangeriney- coral I would go with. It has a small check print overlaid with flowers that I would liken to proteas (goes so good with my tattoo!) and daisies. The colours are quite muted in the floral pattern in shades of turquoise, charcoal grey and white.

The style is quite 50's with the accessories I have teamed with it today- but the point on the waistband and the overall length is quite 80's. I guess together that would make it 130's.

So it is possible to have an accidental dress purchase. And yes- I got teased by my team mates when I arrived back at my derby meeting after half an hour with 3 new dresses...

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