Monday, January 18, 2010

After Frock

Big Day Out has now been and gone for another year. Lots of walking, dancing, good music and running into people- topped off with a smidgen of sunburn. Dammit.

The sunburn was actually the main inspiration for this frock. I am sporting a nice pinky red line around the top of my neck where my halter from my dress lay. A nice white stripe in fact. This dress was the perfect "Big Day After Frock" as it sits exactly where my tan lines are.

This is anther frock that has been kicking around for quite a while now. It's exact origins elude me for now- but I can safely say it came into my wardrobe circa 2002.

The fabric always makes me think of lollies for some reason. I am really quite fond of the colour combo of yellow, green and white with a touch of blue.

Sadly, as with so many other frocks from the 70's, the zip is on the way out. I found this out by wearing it for a day. Every time I breathed out or leaned forward the zip down the back would slide open. I will have to do something about that before it's next wear I think....

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