Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue Flamingos

This dress is one of those great ones that will really take you anywhere. It would look as at home on the beach as it does in the office or even at a wedding I have worn it all of these places and haven't felt out of place (no more than usual anyway) at any of them.

It originally came from The Aotea Markets. One of the best things about buying from there was that you were often buying from the designer direct. I personally think that you can feel more of the love in outfits that way. But maybe that's just me.

I bought this dress when I was a bit bigger than I am currently. It is one of those reasonably forgiving ones that can be worn over about 3 dress sizes without looking too out of place.

It is a simple halter neck in a lycra mix fabric. The main point of difference with the style is the asymmetric (from back to front) hemline. I am glad the designer went this way as I think it makes the most of the beautiful print on the fabric.

The colour scheme in the print has always really appealed to me. I love that combo of pale mint green, turquoise and electric blue with a black background. AND it has flamingos! Always been a sucker for them...

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