Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bruised Leopard

Today was hot. Damn hot. It was quite deceptive as this morning was all overcast and the weather report told me there would be scattered showers. I chose to believe the sky and radio so wore a wool blend pencil skirt today and have been COOKING.

Corporate office wear during the week forces me to dress a little like a grown up. (with the occasional slip on casual Friday's of course!) Today I even took it a step further with some pearl earrings. I'm not much of an earring person these days but the pearl buttons on my top were in need of some pearl company.

The top was found from one of K Rd's last op shopped priced vintage stores. I'm not even going to tell you where it is so I can keep it a closely guarded secret! Rest assured I was happy to find this top set me back less than a cup of coffee.

I do like a bit of leopard print in my outfits. I especially like the colours in this particular piece. Shades of purple and indigo moving into a blue is a nice change from the usual shades of brown, yellow and orange. (and to a slightly lesser degree- red)

I have already mentioned the pearl button detail- but I like them so much they can get a second paragraph. They get even better as they have that awesome looped fabric button hook thing happening too. (Sorry- I don't know how to explain that any clearer so let the following picture use it's thousand words)

Gotta go and start my "what to wear mare" for tomorrow's Big Day Out! Must be functional for a day in the sun with 40,000 odd people- but must be fantastic too. I am confident I can cover both...

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