Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fish Frock- Just For The Halibut

I decided that I had not been on nearly enough outside skating missions this Summer- so went for 2 in 1 week! WOAH.

This sunny Saturday saw my roll take me (and my friend Jammy Skellington) through Auckland city, the viaduct, the marina, up and under the harbour bridge, back up to Jervois Rd and through Ponsonby to get back to K rd. Completed this route in an hour- but still had a quick pause where I used to have a ciggie break back in my smoking days....

The outfit chosen for this particular skate is a light and breezy 70's halterneck in cornflower blue. With bright tropical fish and coral in shades of yellow and orange. This dress hails from "Fast and Loose" on K Rd- and was purchased circa 2006.

The fabric breathes really well- so is ideal for a roll out in the sun. I need to be a little careful standing with the sun behind me though- as I fear you may be able to see through it....

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