Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Frock Of Seagulls

Heh. I have been waiting to bust that one out for AGES now!

Lame puns aside- this frock does actually have seagulls on it. Seagulls and a sunset (or perhaps sunrise?) background.

I purchased this dress from trademe a couple of years back- but actually haven't worn it out anywhere yet. Like the man in the cheese commercial famously said- "Good things take time"

The halter had actually been cut- so I was required to do a quick fix on it myself. Not being able to sew always makes my fix it jobs interesting... I am very good with ribbons and safety pins though- and a ribbon got me through this particular job with no problems. (Besides- my hair will cover it up anyways!)

This dress makes me wish I had a seagull hair clip to wear with it.

I really like the colours featured here. Rich red's that fade into a dark purple, grey and then a bluish white. The dress is made from lycra - and is again quite long on me. This happens a lot when you are 5 foot 2 and three quarters.

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