Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Tuxedo Dress

Tonight was date night. It involved a really average Italian restaurant (that won't be visited again) and an over priced sickly ice cream sundae from the "I Scream Stop". Interesting name choice that one.

At least I had a pretty dress to wear!

I bought this dress a few years ago for a music video shoot. It came from a random Asian store in the Little High Street Arcade. About 2 years after I bought this dress- they started selling a very similar style in Illicit. (but in red and without the sparkles) I like mine better. Just sayin....

The top of the dress is reminiscent to a tuxedo with the black satin collar and front panel. I especially like the diamante button details.

Because you can never have too many sparkles- I like that there is a row of them along the bottom too.

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