Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello Sailor

Seems like I have a lot of 50's Sailor themed outfits coming out of the closet (Wardroom) these days... I guess it's easy to be nautical with a colour combo of red, white and navy blue with a few stripes in for good measure!

This was the dress that broke my self imposed dress buying ban over Christmas. I purchased 2 new crinoline petticoats thinking that I had a lot that I could wear them under. Sadly when they arrived I realised that this wasn't strictly true so suddenly had a need to find a few more outfits to wear with the petticoats. (It is scarily easy to justify such purchases in my brain I can assure you!)

Swing dresses are a great addition to any wardrobe I think. They can be worn with a huge petticoat underneath to give the shape of something between an wedding cake or an upside down tea cup- but have an equally awesome shape without the flounce.

It is really comfortable to wear. I would liken it to wearing a big glamorous t-shirt! The cotton is really soft and I just love the white lace frill along the bottom of the skirt.

This particular one had it's maiden voyage today with a red petticoat. I have matched that with a red flower and red skinny belt and balances out the stripes and frill on the dress with some white peep toed sandals.

While I didn't wear this ensemble with the short white gloves today-I'm thinking that I will incorporate them next time. (I didnt' want to get them dirty by wearing them to work you see!)

NB- When I first bought the belt I was a lot bigger than I am now. In fact I bought the belt to wear wrapped around as a necklace! Lets hope it doesn't get relegated back to neck wear anytime soon....

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