Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If The Shoe Fits

I have decided to do a special shoe post today. Mainly cause I have again been slack and not kept up with my daily blogging but also as I have such a great collection of footwear that just isn't getting the foot time at the moment. Mostly due to seasonal outfit restrictions but there are a few pairs that just don't have the right ensemble that really showcases them too.

The first pair really demonstrates that not all boots are made for walking. Some are made to sit still and gaze at whilst being very still. This is one of those pairs! Some people might argue that there wasn't much point buying a pair of shoes that can't be walked in. My counter argument would include the following.

  • I can walk in them- just not far or for long.

  • They are kermit green.
  • They have diamantes on them.

  • They are pointy

  • They have stiletto heels

  • They are ruffled.

In my personal opinion they may in fact be the best pair of boots ever made for the above reasons!

The first day I wore them they did cause a few glaze overs when I would get distracted by my own feet... I seem to have mostly gotten past this now.

While I am on the subject of great boots- check out these incredible harajuku-esque (yes that is a new word- thanks for noticing) knitted sock boots with a wooden platform. Oh yes they have it all.

These boots can do more than walking. I can run, jump, dance, skip... the works. They are actually very easy to manoeuvre in as the sole is flat. The only downside is wearing them in a house with multiple flights of wooden stairs. I'm not a soft stepper at the best of times- but I will certainly never be creeping up on anyone wearing these!

The shades of olive and brown are great for winter- and they go with HEAPS of outfits in the Wardroom. They look great with black tights and I have the perfect olive green hand knitted scarf to finish the look off with.
They hailed from tradme- and cost me $25.00 last Winter.

The last pair that will be featured today is my rainbow kitten heels. These are surprisingly hard to match with an outfit. I know that I have the choice of ALL the colours in the shoes to roll with- but I decided that they work much better when the outfit is kept minimalist (as much I physically can do at least) and then the shoes get to be more of a statement within themselves. I do have a great pair of rainbow hair clips and a sparkly rainbow brooch that helps lift an outfit that is predominately black when called for though...

While these shoes aren't strictly seasonally dependent- I like them much better with black tights- thus making them a little more Winter appropriate.

These shoes were originally in Wildpair. A rainbow crazy friend of mine was with me when we saw them- and both of us fell in love! Sadly for her I found a pair on trademe that were too big for her feet- so I had to buy them for myself. In store they were retailing at $150.00- on trademe I scored them for a cool $11.00.

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