Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Bit Country- A Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll

Today's outfit was completely worked around the shoes. They were a trademe purchase from the last month or so- but had not fit them into an outfit until today! To be perfectly honest- I didn't really think this outfit was working when I left the house this morning. I couldn't quite tie it all together. I went through 3 different top options before I gave up and went for a plain singlet!

The skirt is form the K Rd Op Shop. Not the rainbow one- the other one. Next to Iko Iko. I famously went in there one time while I was waiting for a pizza next door and came home with 2 new dresses.... I swear I shouldn't be let out on my own sometimes.

This skirt was bought to wear with my crinoline petticoats I seem to have accumulated in recent months. I like that it conjures up images of a rockabilly hoedown with lots of hay bales or Ellie May Clampett when she is forced to dress like a girl. (maybe that's just me). That and I'm a sucker for gingham and the colour turquoise. Check and check!

The shoes finally had their turn at being worn out. I bought them under the assumption that they went with a lot of outfits I already own- but I did have a little bit of trouble fitting them in today. I will blame morning brain rather than not enough turquoise in the wardroom I think.

I decided to go for the trusty ol' red hair flower- and as an afterthought matched it with a red cardi.

Even though I didn't think the outfit worked- I had 3 strangers come up to me in the street to say they liked my "look"- and was even stopped to have a photo take for Auckland Street Style. (new fashion blog about town)

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