Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nautical Thursday

Today's outfit was bought to you by the colours red, white and blue. The skirt has always seemed sailor like for some reason- so nautical was the P.O.F for the day.

(I almost went with my PCR sailor's hat too- but decided I couldn't be bothered explaining why it has "Sparky" on the front to everyone I work with... went with ye olde red flower instead)

The skirt is white with a vaguely wave like pattern of red and navy blue. This was purchased from the Royal Oak Salvation Army store last year - and I think this might actually be the 1st time I have worn it.

I have gone with red and white slip on shoes with a white bow detailing. (I promise they don't look anywhere near this dirty in person!)

(Also a red cardi- that is not pictured here)

I realise that I am tempting fate by wearing this much white in one outfit. I have successfully managed to get through eggs for breakfast and 2 black coffee's without wearing any of it so far - (touch wood) but I still have lunch to go before I get too cocky about it!
NB- Only dropped a little bit of lunch in my lap. Ironically it was my last mouthfull right after prematurely celebrating the fact that I hadn't spilled any.... Go figure.

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