Thursday, January 7, 2010

PCR meets Hello Kitty!

Best P.O.F in AGES!

(By the way- for the uninitiated P.O.F stands for Point Of fashion...)

Today's outfit inspiration came about as a few ladies in my Roller Derby league were asked to do an audition for a television commercial. On roller skates of course. This necessitated wearing something that was easy to move in- and it seemed right to colour theme it to our league colours while I was at it.

I opted for a halter neck singlet in red and black stripes with a buckle detail on the front. I'd actually forgotten I owned this singlet so was pleasantly surprised when I rediscovered it in the Wardroom this week. This was teamed with denim mini and black leggings.

The best part of my entire outfit definitely has to be my new PCR coloured Hello Kitty trainers!

Nuff said.

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