Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ready To Roll

I have been a little slow in the outside skating mission front this Summer. I decided that it was high time I went for a decent roll so I did with the lovely Ruby Disaster in tow. I put in an hour at the gym then came home to get ready for our skate date.

Our adventure was maybe a touch ambitious. We started in our home hood of K rd and ventured through town and along the water front until we couldn't skate any further. (St Heliers) Total distance is an estimated 25km or so. Don't get me wrong- it was awesome- but I sure started to feel the burn on the way home!

My only gripe of the epic roll was that somewhere on the way back I lost my back stopper/ brake. Not a major issue given that most of the roll was on the flat- but it did confuse me a little when I went to use it to avoid a curb and the damned thing just wasn't there... Helluva way to find out I can assure you!

So anyway. The outfit for the roll was a green and white 70's number purchase about 4 years ago from trademe. It's one of my favourites for outside skating as it's light so I don't get too hot- and it's not too short. (As you skate you tend to lean forwards so anything too short leaves very little to the imagination of anyone following you...)

It was nice to remember how much fun outside rolling is. Thus I commit to doing as much more of it as I can fit into the remainder of Summer!

(NB- This dress was also worn on an officially documented skate for the "Pirates and Pinups" documentary currently in production. Check out the trailer HERE )

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