Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Seamless Transition Between 09 And 0-10

I am getting into some bad habits here and I apologise. I have been dreadfully slack at updating this blog daily as I should be and I endeavour to make these much more regular. At LEAST daily. (if you're lucky maybe even more than once a day!) While I could go on about my slackness/ laziness/ new years/ sunstroke recovery- I will stop that right here and get on with the post shall I?

First up is the last day dress of 2009. (sounds so regal when I give it that kind of title!) I wasn't feeling too hot on New Years Eve so went for comfortable. Comfort to me often means wearing something that could be easily converted into a tent should I ever get lost in the woods. This dress was no exception.

It hailed from the Aotea Markets of days gone by- and cost me about $40.00. I was very happy with this purchase until I saw that they were being mass produced and made in 3 other colours in Shanton... I don't usually class myself as a clothing snob. (God -I will wear almost anything!) I was just disappointed at my seemingly "one off from an independent designer that sells their wares at the market" dress suddenly turned into the exact opposite. My dream may have been dashed but it is still a nice dress. Albeit very long on me.....

I am a sucker for anything green and frocky- so this fit the bill quite nicely.

New Years Eve was pretty good this year. A party at our place followed by a party at my friend Ruby's place followed by Whammy bar... a good night was had by all. Especially me once someone pointed out that I didn't need to commit to the same dress for the while evening. My GOD it's so obvious yet somehow I have never thought to do a mid-evening outfit change! So I actually had 2 New Years party frocks over the night- and sadly both have been posted about already so no new photo's for you!

New Years day was quiet. I got up briefly to pass a cell phone and a bag back to their rightful owners - but that was literally all that was achieved. I didn't get dressed so there is no outfit to showcase for the first day of the new decayed.

Yesterday was much more productive. I got dressed AND left the house! (Productivity just needs a little perspective from time to time I think...) I spent the afternoon in the park under a tree on a picnic blanket with my boy, a subway sandwich, an instant kiwi crossword and a Chuck Pahlunuck book. It was AWESOME.

The dress I chose for such activities was a simple off white and floral number that I've been wearing for quite a few Summer's now. It came from the op shop that isn't there any more in St Kevins Arcade. I don't recall paying more than about $12.00 for it - and I have certainly got my moneys worth from it.

It has an in built petticoat so as not to show the world my underwear. It's made out of a slightly stretchy lycra- and while it seems to be from the 70's it has the 50's in built bullet bra thing going on too. It needed a yellow hair flower yesterday- although the colours in the fabric make hair accessorising quite easy.

Today I am back at work. That 3 day weekend went very quickly. There wasn't a great deal of thought in today's outfit. Mainly as I started work at 7am and woke up at about 6.40.

This was a trademe purchase from a few years back. It is a little too big for me at the moment- but such great fabric I chose to wear it anyway.

The pattern is a great bright orange, turquoise, blue, yellow, black and white in an overlapping bubble print. There is quite a lot going on just in the colour spectrum- so have accessorised with black jandals and a navy blue hair flower.

Now as there were 2 whole days that didn't get their own posts/ photo's- I am going to put up 2 separate and special outfits just to redeem myself. (I have been saving them because the titled puns have been in my head for a while now!)

Sorry for the wait. I'll try and be more regular I promise!

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