Friday, January 22, 2010

Supermarket Skulls

Today's outfit has been in the Wardroom for quite a while now. I have been saving it for the right occasion to bust it out. Ok. I have actually been saving it till I could get the zip done up. Either way- today was the day it got worn for the very first time!

I have always been a fan of the zip up smock dresses. I think this may be because I never had an after school job in a supermarket where I was forced to wear one. I had a job in a fish and chop shop- but that's another story....

The skull motif was sewn on by hand by whoever owned this dress before me- and obviously was quite a big selling point. I like that they aren't all facing the same way and are irregular sizes too. This is worth mentioning as quite often I get a little fixated with symmetry.

3 small skulls on my right shoulder...

And one larger one on my left.

This smock is an unusual colour. Sort of a dark blush with a tinge of coral. Oh yeah. I have all the ridiculous names for slight variations on normal colours.

Whatever colour this is- I had the perfect lipstick to match. It really is the little things that matter...

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