Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wanna Cookie?

On Saturday night Pirate City Rollers put on an exhibition bout off the back of the release of "Whip It" a few weeks back. We split up our usual teams and played as the teams in the movie. "The Holy Rollers" and "The Hurl Scouts". I had the honor of skating as a Hurl Scout- so needed to put together an outfit suitable.

I actually had a bit of trouble finding the right dress. I already had one that I thought I could use- but it was ever so slightly too brown. I even tried to dye it- and did such a good job that the white label on the inside didn't even change colour. Back to the drawing board...

I eventually found this outfit at the Military Disposal's store on K Rd. It is an army shirt that was then modified to turn a tent sized shirt into a girl scout looking dress.

All I needed to do after that was to get my name and number on the back- and match it with some yellow socks and fishnets. My derby compadre Ruby Disaster even made me a cute little yellow necktie.

I really enjoy our exhibition bouts. It's cool playing with people that you don't normally skate in a team with- and I must say that I do really enjoy putting together themed outfits for our uniforms too. It's also really cool seeing what other people do for their own outfits. Here is a shot of my whole team right before we skated out. (apart from "Lucy In Disguise" who was running a little late...)

Back row L-R

Miss Metalitia, Scheisse Minelli, Wolverina, Medicator, Terror Satanna, Broken Sience, Cupcake Carnage.
In front- Me (Spar Kill) Li'l Miss Envy and Ruby Disaster

The game itself was awesome if not a little one sided. The final score was 222-46 to the Hurl Scouts. I personally skated better than my previous few games- and even managed to stay out the penalty box until the latter part of the second half! Not bad for the holder of the 2009 Dirtiest Pirate award...

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