Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who's Sari Now?

Told you I had bad puns waiting!

I bought this outfit from the Grey Lynn Fest of 08. I was hungover from my work's Christmas
party the night before- but didn't want to miss the great stalls and markets that come back to the fest year after year.

My favourite purchase of the day was this beautiful beaded sari that was found in a gigantic trunk of fabric treasures. The aqua sparkles caught my eye from about 10 stalls away- and I was drawn to it immediately. A quick rummage led me to it's matching skirt and scarf. I do recall thinking "what am I going to do with a sari exactly?" but my frockstar instinct kicked in before any logic stood a chance!

Admittedly I have only worn it once in the year and a bit that I have owned it. SO FAR. My flatmate was moving overseas at the beginning of 09 and had a "B" theme for his leaving party. The opportunity was too good to not go as "Bollywood!" (although a lot of people guessed I was a belly dancer at the time ....) That night I teamed the outfit with a black bob wig and a beautifully matched turquoise sparkling bindi.

I love the sequined/ beaded detailing down the front of the over dress. This is what drew me to it in the first place! The skirt underneath is very long on me- so I had to roll it up from the waistband when I wore it. (Back to the short girl clothing problems again) Something about the combination of long floaty skirt and sparkles makes me feel like some exotic princess when I'm wearing this.

I think it's high time I looked for another reason to wear this ensemble out somewhere....

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