Sunday, February 7, 2010

70's Geometric

This dress has a lot going on. First up it has a unique colour combo that includes navy blue, orange, red, white and tan. No matter what it does from here you know it's kind of a bold statement with that particular colour palette!

It is keeping in line with the short sleeved smock/ supermarket checkout style that I have always been quite fond of. The buttons on the front don't go all the way down though- and it also has a thin belt attached to set it aside from other similar styles.

The cut itself has a slight cowgirl feel to it. If you look really closely you can see the western faux pocket line right next to the collar. Sadly- that feature gets a little lost in the overall look.

The print itself is a crazy mix of lines, squares and rectangles. Makes for a busy pattern with that many colours all fighting for their turn. When I think of this dress I only ever really remember it being orange and blue. The 2 staple colours of many a 70's frock in the wardroom. And probably the rest of the era I imagine.

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