Friday, February 12, 2010

Accidental- Part 2

So you may recall a few weeks back I "accidentally" purchased a few extra dresses off a trademe seller. This dress was one of those dresses.

The reason I chose to wear it today is that people at work were dressing in red or pink for Valentines Day. The frock I was originally going to wear needed to have a small hole sewed up in it- and I woke up way too late for that kind of morning carry on. (I do hope to have it up and running again shortly though... stay tuned for that one!)

I figured that this was pink enough- and I also had not worn it yet so it had it's debut today.

It is a nice alternative to a flat pink too. A gingham if you will- with shades of cerise, indigo and white to off set the pink.
It was missing a certain something this morning- so I have teamed it with a purple belt and dusty pink suede boots.

I am actually not sold on the cut of this frock just yet. While I do really like the style- it seems like it could be a little more flattering on the lower half of the dress. That said- I really REALLY like the sweetheart neck line and the little bow in the middle. Guess it all balances out somewhere. Right?

Last of all- I added a pink sparkley hairclip. Just cause I can....

I was told I looked like a cowgirl. I have nothing against cowgirls (by any stretch) but I was kinda disappointed that my P.O.F was translated that way! If I was going for cowgirl I could have worn my silver western boots....

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