Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crushed Velvet Sparkles And Bows

I haven't been particularly wardroom inspired in the last few weeks. While I have been trying to fit this slump in my dressing up excitement- I am also being careful not to go too far the other way. The "Other Way" is a mind frame wherein I blatantly use this blog as a thinly veiled excuse to constantly buy more clothes. "All in the name of Frockstar of course". Its a fine fine line to be treading I can assure you.

So I am trying to get re-inspired with the wardroom and will be using this to delve a little further into it's depths. No matter how ridiculous the outcome!
Today's frock is a great example of this. I am still feeling a little glamorous from the black and white gown in my previous post.- so have decided to roll with it.

This is a very different kind of gown. For a start its velvet. (of the ever so slightly crushed variety in fact!) Now I have never been one to hide from my West Auckland upbringing but I also know that there is a time and a place for crushed velvet. That time is hardly ever- and the place is where nobody can see you. In saying all of that- this particular dress still managed to tickle my fancy through my thick layer of fabric prejudice.

Its no secret that I like green things. A lot. So the first tick this dress gets is for the colour.
I also am rather partial to sparkly things. I'm sure you are shocked and stunned by this revelation. The second tick goes to the sparkly detailing on the dress. This is almost worthy of 2 ticks in itself as I think this is what really gives it a point of difference. It gives the dress an interesting shape on the bodice- and really brings out the key hole feature on the back.

Which brings us nicely to my third tick. And my fourth when I remember the bow at the bottom of the third tick keyhole surrounded by second tick sparkles. It gets a record FIVE ticks when I recall that this dress only cost me $10.00!

I have not have any where to don this dress so far- but I am optimistic. Although I do know myself well enough to realise that should an occasion arise wherein I COULD potentially wear this little number out somewhere- I would almost certainly revert to the "I need a new dress- all in the name of Frockstar" mentality!

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