Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Go Girl

I do love a good dress up party. It is the best excuse to pull out some of the outfits I have previously bought- but then not had the guts to actually wear them in day to day life. I have been known to plan entire dress up party themes around something I have bought and then needed a specific theme to be able to wear it!
This dress is not one of those- although it has served me well in the costume party's over the years. This frock was given to me by a girl I used to work with who had cleared out her wardrobe and thought I may appreciate it. I sure do.

It seems to be genuine 1960's for a start. I go through phases with the decades I choose to dress from and may well have been in a strong 60's/70's one around the time of this dress being passed down to me.

The pattern on the fabric is particularly psychedelic with shades of green, orange, and pink that border on fluoro. I have always been really keen to wear it under a black light....

It has a keyhole feature in the back that is punctuated by this great button detail too.

The last time I wore it was to a "dress up as anything you want" costume party. When I was first told of the theme I thought nothing of it. having no theme or boundaries had to make it the easiest dress up party ever, Right? WRONG. Turns out that I am someone who needs slight direction in such situations otherwise my wardroom will drive me crazy. I recall having the mother of all what to wear mares getting ready for this party. I swear it took me about an hour and a half of concerted trying things on and mixing them up before I came up with this dress. While it is a pretty obvious "Go-Go" dress- I think the boots were what really tied it together for me...

The boots make perfect sense with this outfit- but I am the first to admit they are pretty trashy. They are white pointed, ruffled stiletto long boots. Wow. I used to think a lot more highly of them until I saw one of my local neighbourhood prostitutes wearing them to "work". Now they only come out for dress up parties!

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