Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Green Leopard

I do love a good wraparound dress. They are a very flattering cut on most figure types- and they are also pretty forgiving if your size fluctuates slightly.

This particular one was a no brainer for me. As previously mentioned I am a sucker for all things green and I have a certain fondness for animal print from time to time too. This one had all three of those bases covered so I rolled with my frock instincts.

I especially like that the leopard print is in a slightly different colour combo to the normal gold or red. I have not seen it in shades that so effortlessly combine green, yellow, blue and black in one fabric.

I spent a little but more on this dress than I usually do. I found it on trademe and pretty much fell in love with it. Even though they had a shot that resembled THIS listed next to the photo... I'm definitely not a fan of this socialite but occasionally (presumably by accident) she shows some taste in her clothing choices.

I have matched it to some green faux crocodile stillettos. Great shoes but maybe better for sitting in and slightly less for actually walking...

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