Friday, February 12, 2010

With Envy

I am a fan of green. ALL greens. I'm talking lime, forest, moss, sage, mint, emerald. I love them all. I do however have a special soft spot for that really bright middle range green that I describe as "Kermit Green" (As a side note I would KILL for that jacket!)

I own a lot of clothing, shoes and accessories in this particular shade. I thought that I would devote a post to a couple of things in that collection.

First up is this fantastic long 70's number. Cap sleeves, empire line tie, bow in the front and looooooong. I may have mentioned this is a previous post- but I bought this dress while waiting for a pizza.

Second up is this amazing green leather jacket. I have had this for a while now. I found it at the now almost defunct K Rd Markets. I picked this and a long blue 70s leather trench coat for $70.00 in total. An amazing score if I do say so myself!Check Spelling

Last but certainly not least is this 70's wraparound embroidered skirt. It always makes me think of Irish folk dancing or some such. I have owned this skirt now for about 12 years- and it is still in high rotation for being worn. Quite good stats really....

This skirt always makes me think of Irish dancing for some reason.

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