Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Belated St Patricks Day News...

I won the best dressed green competition in my office on St Patricks Day.

Seriously though- why would anyone even contemplate competing with me in 1.) a dress up at work competition and 2.) said competition that revolves around the colour green!?!

The outfit has already been posted about so you wont get to see the whole ensemble- although I think it was these shoes that put me over the edge....

These shoes came from the Paper Bag princess on K Rd. They are a pretty good example of the universe conspiring against my best intentions actually.

I have a friend that works in this store which is dangerous and awesome in equal parts. One Saturday morning I had just finished telling my boyfriend that I was going to be good and save my money and not be too frivolous with my spending on clothes, shoes and accessories. I swear - no sooner were the words out of my mouth when I got a text telling me that there was an amazing pair of green nautical shoes in store that I just HAD to go and look at. Now how am I expected to be good when I get texts like that?

Turns out they fit me perfectly- and given that they cost less than the sushi I buy for lunch they were fairly easy to justify...

Bright green shoes are great. Especially when you throw in a T - bar and some white nautical themed anchor and ship patterns all over them!
I wore them for the first time as part of my St Patrick's outfit extravaganza. I received a lot of great comments about them - and they helped me win chocolate for being the best at wearing a lot of green. Ha.

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