Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Kitty In Green And Yellow

It's been a while since I really made the most of a ridiculous training outfit. This week that part of my brain decided it was time for a comeback!

I have a weird obsession with Hello Kitty. I was starting to accumulate a pretty decent collection of random Hello Kitty related "things" before I realised it was quickly getting out of hand. I am really good at collecting stuff. Like REALLY good. Once my brain was tuned into looking out for things with that mouthless cat on it- I understood just how much Hello Kitty related collateral there actually IS out there! A slippery slope for someone like me. I have now limited myself to only buying the particularly obscure Hello Kitty related items. Among my favourites are toilet paper, vitamins, wind up racing H.K's on horse backs, a rubiks cube and water cooler. Although that gets used as a gin dispenser on my watch...

I was pretty happy to find this 70's original Hello Kitty singlet with a big green and sparkly feature on the front. It's like it was made for me! Now I needed to work a skating outfit around it...

This singlet was either made for a child- or someone much shorter than myself. Not being one to wear a crop top as such- this was easily combated with a white singlet to layer.

I decided that green, yellow and white was a good colour combo that I had not really attempted before- so started with green long training socks over yellow fishnets under a green flipped ra-ra skirt and topped off with the singlet. I kinda felt like I was channeling a Japanese teenager supporting an Australian sports team for a while- but it was still worth it!

P.s. My favourite part about the whole outfit is the Japlish on the front. Sweet and sour Seasoning you say....

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