Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Outift To Fair

I have been looking forward to today for weeks. Today was the annual Cornwall Park School Fair. These guys sure know what they are doing!

It is the most well oiled machine of a primary school fair you can imagine. This is only the 2nd year I have gone- but I am a convert for life. Every class room has it's own theme of wares. There is an electronics room (today I bought a retro Sanyo Memo Scriber for $2. Admittedly I know not how to use it or even exactly what it does but aesthetically it is amazing) bric a brac room, separate class rooms for children's and adults books, white elephant stalls all the way around the pool and of course the clothing takes up the entire school hall.
Myself and my fair compadre Ruby Disaster were there 45 minutes before it actually opened this morning. I wish I could say that it was intentional but sadly for us I got the date wrong for the First Scene Garage Sale and we missed it by about 24 hours. Therefore we went straight out to Cornwall Park.
So anyway. We were damn early but we were definitely not alone. We queued up next to the hall to get the first dibs on clothes when the fair opened- and by the time 10am hit and the doors officially opened we were part of a rush of people about 50 deep. It was a good day to be a derby girl. Staying low and occasionally hipchecking anyone that got too close. (we actually didn't need to but we spent a bit of time eyeing up our competition just in case...)

It was totally worth it. 20 minutes or so in the hall left me with a bag of clothes I could hardly lift and my wallet $45 lighter. I think I managed to score 9 tops, 3 skirts, 5 dresses and 2 scarves. Oh. And a zebra hood and tail that was possibly made for someone under 10. (I pretended I wasn't buying it for myself)

The outfit I chose for this yearly event was mainly for comfort reasons- although I like to think it gave me enough of an edge that any overly conservative school Mum's would give me a wide berth. (For the record I'm reasonably sure I don't scare anyone...)

I went for a grey marl off the shoulder rainbow glitter cobra top matched with denim mini, leggings, silver reebok high tops and yellow snakeskin sunglasses. I was happy with the outcome of both the outfit and my rummaging expedition!


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