Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pink Party Frock

Baby pink is not a colour that I have ever really gravitated towards. even as a little girl my pinks needed more substance. You know? Shades of deep maroon, cerise and hot pink were always a little cooler than keeping to the pastels.

In saying that I did have a slip in my colour preference when I purchase this particular pink number. t is the palest pink ANYTHING I own. (other than the perfectly matched hair flower of course) As far as girly dresses go - this may be the epitome.

So moving along from the colour- I really like the cut of this frock. Strapless is always all good by me. Especially with a sweetheart neckline, Throw a bow in the middle for good measure and the add a bubble hemline to give it an additional point of difference. Mix it all together and you have yourself a great party frock!

I must admit I did feel a little like I was 5 years old and on y way to a birthday party wearing it tonight. I'm not one to surpress my inner child at the best of times so I think maybe I'm ok with that.

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