Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I realise I may be on my own on this tangent- but I have always liked the weathers slow decline from Summer into Autumn into Winter. There are not many things I love more than brightly coloured vintage Summer dresses- but my Winter wardrobe is pretty stiff competition. I predict a lot of posts about fabulous vintage Winter coats in the coming months- but to start off the slide into the cooler weather I thought today would be a special post about poncho's.
Poncho's are as amazing as they are ridiculous. And possible the most comfortable thing to wear on a cold day. I liken it to being able to wear a nana blanket out in public- and you can disguise a multitude of sins underneath the billowing shape too.

I like poncho's so much that I have a mini collection of them! (I guess having 4 of something makes it a collection anyway...)

Poncho number 1 is the one that gets the most wear out of ALL of them How could it not being all green and white and tassely? It's like wearing a hug.

Poncho number 2 is admittedly very similar to number 1. Blue and white and tassely...

Poncho number 3 has gone with more of a crocheted pattern through it. Red white and blue always feels a little American so I guess this can be "Poncho Americana".

Poncho number 4 is less of a wearable blanket and more of a piece of art. Sadly its colour scheme looks awful with my skin tone- but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it's amazing-ness right? I love the pattern combo of zig zags and stripes first up. The colours are all in an earthy tone- and would look fantastic on someone with olive skin and dark hair. (My pasty face just gets washed out wearing it! )

It's already quite incredible as a whole garment- but its the finer detail that gets me really excited. The knitted ends of the drawstrings are like woolen burger rings. Wow. I wish that I looked better in this poncho. I would seriously be wearing it all the time!

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Blogger vacantmuse said...

pssst... all of those pnchos are actually crocheted, not knitted. :) The More You Know!

April 1, 2010 at 2:35 PM  

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