Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quite the Break

So I haven't update this page in AGES and I'm sorry. Due to technical difficulties and extreme busy-ness directly followed by extreme tiredness Frockstar has unavoidably taken a back seat. I will endeavour to keep to some kind of regularity. I promise!

The good thing about taking a break from this blog has been that it has made me aware of how I was letting it take over my wardroom pickings. By this I mean that I was starting to get a little weird about not wearing the same things twice. Even I know that this is not a healthy way to look at getting dressed everyday!

So anyway. Break is over and it's time to start churning out the posts again. For the "welcome back" outfit- I have chosen a dress that is bordering on being too big now. Hoping to keep it this way so figured I should feature it while it is still wearable.

Black and red is an easy colour combo. Starting to creep into my outfits quite a lot in fact. The red in this dress is really only used to highlight in the trim and buttons- but it is enough to really lift the cut of the design.

Today I have teamed it with red peep toed heels and a red crinoline petticoat.

This dress came form the "Paperbag Princess" which boasts that nothing in store is over $20.00. It's a promise they have no trouble keeping- so they have had no trouble retaining my business. This is one of many bargains I have liberated from this store over the years- and it cost me a grand total of $15.00. Score.

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