Monday, March 29, 2010

Red and White Stripes

I know I have already mentioned the bag 'o' bargains I picked up at the school fair yesterday. I am still quite pleased with myself so am going to just go on ahead and mention it again. There.

This dress was one of said bargains. I think I ended up getting this one for about $4.00. It was actually the very first thing I picked up in the clothing hall. I thought it was too small so put it back. Miraculously nobody else picked it up to buy before I came back to the rack and grabbed it on my way to the counter. Turned out to be maybe even be the score of the day. Yusssssss.....

I was even happier with it once I got it home and realised it can fit a crinoline petticoat underneath. I pulled out the drawstring from the waist to use as a headband - and added red peep toes and a wide red belt with bow at the back.

Bordering on over co-ordinating again I know- but still totally worth it!

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