Saturday, March 27, 2010


This outfit can also be known as "extreme colour co-ordination and the line you should never cross" or "what I would wear if I was a women's soccer player in the 70's". Both of them fit pretty well I think.

The dress is an original 70's tennis dress bought from a garage sale a few years back. The over jacket/dress was a gift from a friend a few years later. I like to imagine that the very original shop window display for these garments featured them together. How could these pieces NOT have been made for each other?

All topped off with red and white sports socks, red leg warmers, and black and white chucks.
(I actually felt bad that I didn't have a red and white pair of Adidas shoes... Finishing with Chuck Taylor's made me feel a little mean)

Just for the record- I have never actually worn this outfit in this particular combo. That isn't to say I won't- although anywhere that isn't derby training is unlikely to see me in all my Adidas red and white glory.

Speaking of derby and the associated outfits... I am off to derby bootcamp in T minus 5 days. Camp basically consists of 160 derby girls from all over NZ and Australia going to New Plymouth for 4 days of extreme training with some American coaches. To coin a Scheisse Minelli phrase- I am pants shittingly excited!

So now I have to put together 4 days worth of derby outfits. Arguably this would be less difficult if I didn't have a deep seated need to have matching socks and frilly derby knickers for as many outfit combo's as possible... A little redundant when you are going away for extreme exercise I know- but it will make me feel so much better!

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