Friday, April 9, 2010

Classic Leopard Print

I know leopard print can border on cliche at the moment- but that isn't going to stop me wearing it as I see fit!

This skirt is new- and already I can tell it will be one of those really versatile wardrobe (wardroom) pieces. Its a stretchy cotton blend pencil shape made to sit just above the knee. I have found however that it rides up a bit when I walk. Necessitating the odd wiggle and pull down to a more respectable length when out and about...

It was on the sale rack at Cotton On for $10. So I bought 4 of them. (in different colours obviously...)

Today I teamed it with a black V-neck top, illicit "True Love" cardi, black peep toe wedges, red hair flower and my smart girl glasses. (It was a HUGE weekend at derby camp and I had the suitcases under my eyes to prove it. The glasses did a great job at hiding them)

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