Friday, April 9, 2010

Emergency Exits Located Here And Here....

My P.O.F for this outfit wasn't officially a flight attendant- but enough people commented on it I thought I would roll with it anyway.

The outfit started by me wanting to wear my gangster wingtip heels. They are easily in the top 5 fro best shoes in the wardroom and I felt like they weren't getting enough "air time". I always have trouble working outfits around "statement shoes". I think you really need to keep the ensemble simple to really shoes off the footwear. I thought if I kept the outfit black and white it would be enough to work with the shoes and not take too much away from them.

I settled on my ever faithful black pencil skirt with a white short sleeved collared shirt. White clothing an me are not always a great mix. I will usually spill something down the front within the first hour of wearing anything light coloured... But as usual I digress.

Once I had the outfit on- I felt like it was too boring. It technically worked with the shoes- but it was missing a certain something. I did a quick lap of the accessory section in the wardroom and came across a scarf that I thought would do the trick. It made such a difference!
The scarf was purchased from the CPSF (Cornwall Park School Fair) for a bank breaking 50 cents.

I love retro Kiwiana. This one in particular as it has the retro tiki's and a touch of peach in the colouring to give it a point of difference. I knew this was a winner when I had my days first 2 outfit compliments while I was waiting for my morning coffee.

I really wish I had a dollar for every flight attendant comment I received over the day. It would have easily paid for my days coffee's and lunch!

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