Friday, April 9, 2010

Lilac Cupcakes

I first saw these shoes on trademe and feel in love with them. They had a buy now price of $100.00 though and I couldn't quite bring myself to commit to the purchase.

The next time I saw them was a few weeks back at Wild Pair. Price tag of $139.00. Still did not commit to them.

The 3rd (and final) time I saw them for sale was in the Paperbag Princess on Tuesday afternoon. Price tag of $20.00. They were even in my size! It was an extremely happy moment I can assure you...

The brand of these shoes is T.U.K. I first discovered these in Melbourne and have spent a bit of time browsing their online store. You should have a look too... HERE. There are many pairs of shoes there that I would love to own. Sigh.

Anyway. There is a lot going on in this particular pair. Shall we cover the details. Yes. Yes we shall.

  • Lilac and Black is a great colour combo. Not an easy to match an outfit with I have discovered- but am working on it!

  • A nice high wedge for under cover midgets like myself.

  • Frills around the ankle

  • Peep toe front

  • Bow details on the front AND the back

  • Cupcake, skull and rose motifs on the wedge

  • Dangling skull charm detail on the back of the ankle

When I wore them to work yesterday I had 2 people ask if I had them custom made. They are fairly obviously the kind of shoes I would like... The only thing I would have done differently is made them green!

So in conclusion- I am still riding the warm fuzzy's from this bargain. Aaah. Nothing quite like it.

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